Tune in as Starr DeMarco, IQ and Nasty Norm take you along for a little ride on the information super highway.


This week, Starr and IQ are joined by music artist E Twiss to talk disappointing moments in show business, a debate on preference, toxic situations, another height debate, sports argument, VERZUZ, 50 Cent, mixing men and women in sports, does the UFC have new competition on the rise and E Twiss talks upcoming album.


"Shine"- E Twiss ft. Stilo

"Runaway"- E Twiss

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This week, the gang discusses the Paralympics, parents on a power trip, kidney stones, should males and females play sports together, exoskeleton, fellas who go for a peers ex lady, dealing with racist, life after high school, saved from jail, what is white food and police encounters.

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This week we hit a milestone. We were joined by family friends DeShaun Jay, D'Shaun, Ant Fisher and Belaire Thompson for a two part episode with a bit of a different format in celebration of reaching 200. We kicked things off by discussing IQ being a man of faults, traveling, new music, Kanye West, Drake, Nipsey Hussle, upcoming projects and much more.  

[01:46:03] Music: "2 Stunt Double"- D'Shaun ft. DeShaun Jay (Prod by: Rose Gold)

[01:49:16} Convo with DeShaun Jay, D'Shaun, Ant Fisher and Belaire Thompson

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This week, the gang calls out Starr on his vintage attire, true Hollywood fight stories, almost jumped story, trouble in Afghanistan, Only Fans, call your moms, robots, new rona and much more.

Music: “Here’s To Life”- Intre

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This week, IQ brings out some good eats, Starr recaps his birthday week, single person benefits, different identities, being politically correct and the type of friends you need to have when stepping out. Plus... does IQ have a new fantasy, is Da Baby done, our childhood hustle and much more. Tune In!

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This week, the gang discusses the COVID vaccine feedback from last episode, a deep dive into the VERZUS battle between the LOX and Dipset, artist who outdo other artist, approaching women, getting paid for uncomfortable relations, new music and much more. 

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This week, the gang discusses IQ's beef with the NE side for the lack of food options, the recent NBA trade action, the rise of COVID yet again and our stance on the COVID vaccine. Also, knowing when to shut up, the ignorance of people, the lady scale, some of our fashion choices and much more.

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What did we discuss...

•Testing out the sugar momma waters

•Starr for sale

•Sexing with AirPod’s on

•Do women get turned on during…

•Dr Dre

•Spousal support

•The latest music

•Space Jam


Music by: Ant Fisher- “Undefeated”

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The pod has some new texture as Starr is joined by IQ and Nasty Norm as they discuss the weekend, exotic eats, top cities with unfaithful spouses, relationships that are too public, zodiac sign judgements, loving a woman's flaws, shows to watch and much more.

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TB Robby drops in to talk his current music career, COVID, future plans in the acting world and much more.

Music: VVS- EP "TB Robby"

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